Thursday, 24 October 2013

Olamide and Davido signs multi-million endorsement with Guinness Nigeria

More money for the guys.. now I see why everyone wants to get into the music industry! BTW these
brands needs to start signing bloggers too, lol!
 Rapper Olamide and Davido have just been signed as the brand ambassadors for Guinness Nigeria and they were both paid millions for the deal.
Congrats to them!
See photos below:

“Frosh!!! Fave shayo offered mad deal” – Olamide wrote on his page along with a picture of him and Guinness drinks on his table\

@Iam_Davido New Guinness deal!! Sweet!!! Colourful world of more $$$$$  


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  1. Well no hard feelings for the *Guinness Company though! After all they're only trying to promote their Brand....No one ever gives a F****ck! About the Poor Masses anymore in Nigeria. #Kudos to Stupid Guinness Company for Promoting the Riches while the Poor Masses who also spend their hard earned monies in Buying their Products wallow in abject poverty#...Can someone ever tell me the Last time (Olamide and Davido) last bought a bottle of Guinness Drink with their Money if not expensive wines like *Champagne, Hennessey and so on....#FOOLS!!!!


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